I love to work in many different styles and techniques. My piece is a result of pencil work, vector, photoshop and (a lot) of textures. The idea behind it is that Mona Lisa is a painting of multiple layers readings. So I worked over the concept of layers, very complex and intricated. After I finished, Mona Lisa had an almost cat face. I should have added some ears. =) This work was comissioned by a printing company of Curitiba, south of Brazil. The company name is, guess what, Monalisa.

Mucha Tinta (art collective from Curitiba) and ad agency TIF invited me to create a poster to promote a printing company called Monalisa.
The subject was of course The Gioconda itself. It's hard to work over such reference. Mona Lisa is a painting with many metaphorical layers, so my idea was to work this concept.

Final print: 62 x 92 cm / 24 x 36 inches
Client: TIF, Gráfica Monalisa 
Monalisa final poster

And here are some images from the process:

Fisrt sketch. I was not happy with the proportions yet.

Final and approved sketch over background idea


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