Sid Lee Collective, the art collective from Sid lee studio in Canada invited me to participate on their show and art charity sale 'F*** Status Quotes'. 
This is my piece on the show.
'Introducing “F*** Status Quotes”, a not-for-profit project that celebrates people who dare to be different in their life and their career....every minute, every hour, every day.
Each of those people were asked what “F*** status quo” means to them, and in turn, a collective of Sid Lee creatives and other local artists have visually interpreted these quotes, bringing them to life in stunning ways.
These one of a kind, inspirational art pieces will be sold at a launch party on March 11th. All proceeds will be donated to YYZ, a Toronto based creative hub that exists to give artists space and support to take risks and create freely.'
Thanks to Marie Rupolo for the invitation and for helping me to edit my quote!
About the concept. We are talking about ego issues and self awareness. One of the most introspective moments we live is when we are arriving at our city by plane, going back home or arriving at a new place, contemplating the lights and the life above us. It's like universe is sending us a message. I wanted it to be thoughtful.
It all started with an old typewriter. I typed the same sentence a few times so I could scan it at 4800 dpi and choose the best looking words and letters.
Then I decided I would work over the style I used in a poster some time ago. Maybe I could develop it a bit more and push it further. This one:
First type placement test:
Then I started to test the perspective:
I used vector circle shapes to reconstruct each letter from the 4800 dpi scan and the same for background (that was painful):
And then finally coming closer to a final concept:
In Photoshop I used a lot of layer modes, effects, blur, glow, noise, textures and wacom painting. A LOT. It also had a lot of experimentation and improvisation.
This file is 50 x 70 cm at 300 dpi. About 1,5 Gb. My computer at that time was old, he cried and didn't talk to me for weeks.
Some detail shots at 100%:
There is a very, very subtle shadow reflex over the image, like the reflex we see when we are looking trough an aeroplane window. I doubt anybody is going to see it, but I guess it adds something to the atmosphere. It's almost indetectable, but I like to know it's there.
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